Smashing student
application numbers
through Goldsmith’s
beautiful roof!

Goldsmiths College, University of London needed

Fred to deliver an integrated programme of PR, marketing and multimedia promotion to raise awareness of three new degree programmes and secure strong rates of student applications.

Fred delivered

a six-month programme of activity that would successfully launch their brand new BA courses in Criminology, Arts Management and Economics. With a successful launch event, effective use of direct mail, online advertising and the creation of new and engaging video content, the campaign brought about real success, with student applications exceeding their targets for every course. Following the success of the initial campaign, Fred’s studio has provided design services for Goldsmiths, successfully delivering a range of publications.

New course recruitment

Content played a huge part in the success of this initial six-month campaign. Fred knows that potential students are conducting the greater part of their research online, searching for the experiences and opinions of their peers, so we tapped into the rich resource of Goldsmiths’ alumni and vibrant, creative environment to create multimedia content that brought their student offer to life.

Key stage 4 recruitment

Direct marketing formed an integral part of the overall student recruitment campaign and included the design of the Goldsmiths Progression Scheme booklet. Like the scheme itself, the brochure aims to give potential students a flavour for what they can expect studying at Goldsmiths, so Fred kept things creative with an engaging visual style and impactful infographics.

Alumni network magazine

Graduates remain strong and influential advocates for any university and Goldsmiths’ alumni magazine plays an integral role in communicating their latest news to past students. Taking existing brand guidelines, Fred created a document that reflected Goldsmiths’ arty, edgy and inspiring reputation, using of bold photography to shout loud and proud about their endless creative credentials.

Fred was set a target for student application numbers for the new courses  – we exceed that by over 500%!

Don’t just take our word for it:

“The Higher Education sector is fast paced, ever-changing and highly competitive. We needed an agency that takes a fresh approach, rather than offering us solutions that we’ve heard time and again. Fred delivered on time on budget, exceeding both our challenging targets and our expectations. Fred worked as a part of ours from the start of the project and continue to do so now; their clever, creative approach and drive to deliver are a great addition to our team”.