Changing the face
of Vivergo biofuels

Vivergo needed

an agency that could not only work effectively as an extension of their team but could also bring the brand to life in a way that would create impact in the sector and resonate as much with their internal team as their external targets and international partners.

Fred delivered

a full marketing service, and has done for over three years. This has included developing a new tone of voice and visual style, a national brand launch, full internal communications programme and a suite of marketing materials, promotional items and advertising.

Launch event

When Vivergo launched to the UK and international markets it was critical that the distinct tone of voice and brand identity came to life. To achieve this, Fred developed a series of creative proposals that would do just that, but would also surprise and engage an audience of senior management teams, national journalists and key influencers at the event. Fred’s final event for Vivergo combined creative visuals, personal stories, evocative props, totally bespoke commemorative materials and a full event management service from concept to completion.


Vivergo’s target audiences are niche but diverse, ranging from their own team and local community through to MPs, media and key customers in the sector. Awareness levels of the benefits of biofuels were still relatively low, so it was important that the site was engaging and informative, as well as being a showcase for how the plant works and the history of the company. The site has been further developed over the last year to incorporate campaign-related pages and additional pages that can be password accessed by partners.

Internal comms

Vivergo’s team come from many different backgrounds and countries, with some members of staff seconded from other companies with very different business cultures. It was critical that the whole team was united and understood the Vivergo brand and the personality of the organisation and its behaviours. Fred worked with the HR team to develop a series of materials and staff engagement that would achieve this in a way that was engaging and had long-term impact.


Vivergo required a series of publications that would not only showcase the business and its products but that would also convey the sector-related issues in a way that would resonate with a range of audiences. Fred also wanted to ensure that every piece of communication reflected the Vivergo brand personality and distinct offer, so we always looked for fresh formats and creative ways to deliver information.

Vivergo is now benchmarked in it’s sector for innovative communications.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“ What can I say – Fantastic Fred! The team is passionate, committed, creative and fun. It’s refreshing to work with an agency that care so much about what they do whilst understanding the complexity of the work we do. Fred has delivered some highly creative and very successful campaigns which have really benefitted our business.”