Branding foundations
for the future
with Wykeland

Wykeland Group needed

a full service marketing agency that could provide a broad range of marketing support from strategy and planning, through to on-the-ground delivery across multiple sites.

Fred delivered

a highly responsive pro-active team that effectively became Wykeland’s offsite marketing department.  As well as developing the comapny’s key corporate materials, website and exhibition attendance, Fred also delivers full marketing support for each new site development. This support starts with strategic marketing and planning, building marketing campaign plans and then delivering them across every aspect of the site from start to finish.

Brand development across eight unique sites

Wykeland has a strong corporate brand, but each new project or site needed a distinct identity of its own that would reflect the benefits of each site and appeal to the key target audiences. Fred works hard to ensure that each site branding is unique, relevant and audience appropriate so that it adds value to the site and enhances saleability.


Fred has helped build Wykeland’s online profile and enhance their corporate positioning as well as showcasing new sites.  Through designing and building a strong, credible and visually impactful website with a bespoke multi site search facility, Fred has ensured that the company is showcased as the high quality developer that they are.  The site also allows for rich multi level content positioning with a balance of corporate information and individual sites including a robust search facility, development map and available properties listings.

Brand campaign for new retail site

By working with Wykeland from planning to completion and beyond, Fred has planned and delivered a multi level communications campaign to brand and promote this exciting new retail development.  From full brand and visual identity development, advertising design and all site signage, through to web design and build, social media campaigns and promotional materials, Fred has worked with Wykeland and their retailers to effectively drive lettings and footfall.

Full marketing support

A new style of cutting edge business park required a fresh new approach to property marketing. Fred developed a stylish, high quality and benefit led series of communications that started with a distinct visual identity and an evocative tone of voice.  Other elements of this sites promotion included stakeholder engagement, public consultation, site signage and advertising.