Oh Snap! Time to get ahead of the game with your creative campaigns

You’ve probably heard of the popular (and free!) mobile app, Snapchat, or at least seen weird and wonderful selfie filters appear on your own social media feeds, but has it left you wondering what it’s actually all about?

Snapchat is basically a mobile app that allows you to send videos or pictures to your contacts – however, here’s the twist…you can only view them for up to 10 seconds – so, *snap* and it’s gone! Alternatively, you can add your content on a rolling basis to tell “your story”. Your story is viewable by all of your contacts, although only for a limited time as these images/videos self-destruct after 24 hours. Snapchat has taken the social media world by storm, and has an array of frequently changing, fun filters to play with, as well as the option to message people directly.

The secret to great content lies in keeping it fresh and current, a principle that Snapchat took to the next level as they teamed up with Global Fashion magazine, Garage.

To capitalise on the potential of this popular collab, Kendall Jenner (yes, she is related to the Kardashians) and Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith, she likes to whip her hair back and forth), both avid Snapchatter’s teamed up with Garage to support the ‘Be Cool, Be Nice’ campaign, which aims to end cyberbullying.

Boasting a mix of standby filters (including the infamous puppy dog filter) and custom designed versions, the photos are the perfect mix of social media and style – just what we love here at Fred!

Here at Fredquarters, we love Garage magazine’s collaboration with Snapchat and the ‘Be Cool, Be Nice’ campaign because it successfully pushes the boundaries of publishing, technology, accessibility and social awareness. Bravo Garage!

It’s great to see how far technology has come and how it’s influencing key publications. We would love to see more magazine covers in the future that celebrate the fusion of traditional creative and the latest developments in digital and social media.

It’s only a matter of time more publications will follow their lead, considering how keen publications are to appeal to the younger masses, who are living (and loving) life online.

So, how can your business utilise Snapchat?
It’s essential to understand why, as a brand, Snapchat and Snapchat influencers should be a staple in your marketing toolkit. The use of Snapchat is unlike anything social media has seen before, mostly due to the accessibility and direct nature of all communications between the sender and the recipient. The viewer has to directly select the snap to watch, making it engaging and exciting… the snap could be anything and it’s been sent just with you in mind! This differs to other forms of social media, which can be blanket and static in their nature, indirect and ultimately easy to disregard. Snapchat is direct, exciting, interactive and definitely not to be disregarded as a powerful marketing tool.

Takeover campaigns
Do you have a new product launching and need to promote it to thousands of people? Do your research and find an influencer suited to your market. Using an influencer to help launch your product/service and ‘takeover’ your Snapchat channel can be a huge hit with your audience and wider online visibility.

Your takeover can then be promoted on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By promoting to your customers that they can catch up on the latest news with your influencer through their Snapchat take over, you are giving them yet another reason to engage.

Influencer takeovers are powerful ways for to achieve brand awareness but also increase ‘owned’ audience, which can prove much more powerful than mass marketing.

Guaranteed visibility
With high levels of visibility on Snapchat, no other platform takes advantage of vertical video power as much as Snapchat. This enables 100% visibility for ads in a way in which other platforms cannot compare. Posting a photo or video on your ‘Snapchat Live’ allows your audience to see what your brand is up to within 24 hours. The stats will change by the minute as to who has viewed your content.

Flash sales
If you’re a consumer-facing brand, taking advantage of sending out short discount codes for users to purchase your product – it could be the difference between making the sale or letting them surf on by….

Behind the scenes content
Snapchat is the most raw and authentic medium out there, which presents a perfect opportunity for intimate behind the scenes footage.

Fred have a team of social media experts who can offer advice on how you can maximise sales and how to reach your target audience with or without an influencer. They’ll maybe throw in a Snapchat photoshoot if you’re lucky, with the puppy dog filter on of course!

Clever, creative, commercial.